Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picket Ends in Keys Surrendered; For Now.

Today, Thursday, June 16th 2011, members of Modesto Solidarity picketed at the offices of John Hertle & EXIT Realty at 901 McHenry in Modesto. We did this to support Michele, one of our members, who had been illegally locked out of her apartment for over a week. Within minutes, we noticed a video camera filming us from inside, and several associates of John's came to ask us what was going on. We gave them a flier and told them that, as our previous demand letter had stated, we were there to demand Michele be given keys and safe access to her apartment.

About fifteen minutes after this, John Hertle came out livid, demanding "who's the guy in charge here?!" After a brief confrontation in which we explained that no one was in charge, and we were all there to support Michele, he "invited" Michele in to talk. Several of us accompanied her, and after some deliberation an agreement was reached which ended in Michele being given the keys to her apartment.

While the situation is still developing, and we are not yet claiming victory, at this point Michele is finally back in her apartment.

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